The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Cooks and Food Lovers

Overhead of spooning duck jus over sliced soy-maltose roast duck breast.

Like most celebrations in the past year, Valentine’s Day 2021 is going to look a bit different. That means you’ll likely be enjoying time with your special someone at home…like you’ve been doing for almost a year now. So how can you make it special?

Forget the giant teddy bear, the long-stemmed roses, and that sad supermarket box of mystery chocolates.

Below you’ll find our gift recommendations that will hopefully do just that.

If you’ve been living in a tight space with your partner, the clutter is probably starting to feel like little piles of chaos all over your house. That’s why this Valentine’s Day, no gift is sexier than organization solutions. This colorful tupperware set by Mepal is perfect for storing leftovers and nests nicely for when they’re not in use.

For something that will de-clutter your coffee corner and look nice out on the counter, try these stoneware canisters from Le Creuset. As always, they come in a number of colors and sizes. As always, they are beautiful.

We tested a whole bunch of waffle irons, both Belgian-style and American, and our winners will not disappoint.

Last year, Daniel did a deep dive into copper cookware: how copper pans are made, the pros and cons of owning one, and how to clean and care for it if you do. Here are some things we learned: Copper cookware is expensive; it requires a fair amount of maintenance; and it’s absolutely gorgeous. If you have the capital and are looking for a truly special gift for someone who’s devoted to having the very finest cookware (and who will delight in the maintenance process), a copper saucepan is the ultimate choice.

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