PAINT FINISHES Sheen options vary by manufacturer

PAINT FINISHES Sheen options vary by manufacturer

choosing the right paint color

Sheen options vary by manufacturer , but share some common characteristics. As durability improves across all sheen levels with newer paints, many people are finding creative ways to mix and match them. “We’ve noticed that customers are becoming more experimental in their use of paint finish, to create real impact and texture within a scheme,” says Farrow & Ball Director Sarah Cole. “Try painting a stripe of full gloss on a matte wall in the same color to create a striking, textured look,” she suggests.

Matte paint:
-is the least reflective sheen available
-has a velvety texture
-helps hides imperfections in walls and ceilings
-offers great depth of color
-is generally considered the standard sheen for walls
-can sometimes be difficult to clean

Eggshell and satin paint (satin is slightly glossier than eggshell):
-have some reflectivity
-offer improved durability
-are frequently used in demanding environments, like kitchens and -bathrooms, where easy cleanup without a highly glossy finish is desired

Semi-gloss and gloss paint:
-great for kitchens, doors, window trim, accent walls, and bathrooms
-are the most reflective sheens
-are highly durable and stand up to multiple cleanings
-are traditionally used on baseboards, moldings, and doors
-can make a statement, but also highlight imperfections

Sue Kim, color trend and forecast specialist at Valspar, recommends trying an accent wall with a gloss sheen, while painting the rest of a room matte. But at the end of the day, “It’s all about how you want to set the atmosphere of your home,” she says. “A matte sheen gives you a calm and serene feeling, because of that textural element.” On the other end of the spectrum, gloss adds energy and excitement. Remember that darker and richer colors have a naturally higher sheen (due to increased colorant), so you may want to consider a lower sheen when using a darker
paint color.

Paint Tips

Finally, it is important to remember that the paint you choose is only as good as the quality of the tools you paint with. Although you may think rollers or brushes are a good place to save money, using high-quality tools will help you achieve the best look. You may also want to consider spray painting your walls, which can be a great alternative to traditional rolling. สถาปนิก